Cruelty Of The Left: Why Is The MSM Attacking President Trump For Being Close With Putin Even Though It’s Really Hard For Adult Men To Make New Friends?

The BIASED MAINSTREAM MEDIA is on the warpath again, targeting President Trump just for keeping in touch with his friend Vladimir Putin. That’s right, patriots, the intolerant left wants to keep Trump away from Putin even though it’s very hard for adult men to make new friendships.

Don’t the liberal loons at the Failing NYTimes know that platonic friendships are CRITICAL for the EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING of adult men?


After college, it’s nearly impossible for American males to make LASTING FRIENDSHIPS, something the Soros-controlled media is happy to ignore when it slams our glorious Commander-in-Chief for trying to escape his CRIPPLING LONELINESS by hanging out with Vladimir Putin. Middle-aged men across the heartland are enduring a SOLITUDE BENGHAZI, quietly suffering while unable to find a MEANINGFUL CONNECTION with their MALE PEERS. Against the odds the 71-year-old POTUS has found a kindred spirit in the Russian President, but the vicious MSM wants to tear this BLOSSOMING RELATIONSHIP apart before it can truly begin.

Look at the witch hunt #FakeCNN unleashed over Russia, crying “collusion” as if it were a bad thing for two grown men to collude together and for ONE FLEETING MOMENT not feel ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE. It took Donald Trump and Putin YEARS of communicating through proxies and coordinating movements before they truly became companions, and The New York Times has the GALL to decry something so delicate and vulnerable? That is SHAMEFUL and ANTI-MALE-FRIENDSHIP journalism.

Big journalism needs to leave Donald and his Russian pen pal alone, so they can continue their BEAUTIFUL CORRESPONDENCE and once in a while HANG OUT and just BE THEMSELVES. The only conspiracy here is the leftist plot against two buds becoming BFFs.

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